Reading Challenge!

First thing first, let’s start a book challenge that we will struggle to finish…

I have decided that in order to force myself to do a reading, other than my textbooks, I would take on a reading challenge.. although it is meant for the new year resolution and I am starting a little late.. I shall back track and include the books that I have read since the new year. I don’t know where this book challenge came from originally but it popped up on my Instagram feed several times, and I think it is just a fabulous challenge.

  1. A book published this year
  2. a book you can finish in a day
  3. a book you have been meaning to read
  4. a book recommended by your local librarian
  5. a book you have read for school
  6. a book chosen for you by your spouse, partner, sibling, child or BFF
  7. a book published before you were born
  8. a book that was banned at some point
  9. a book you previously abandoned
  10. a book you own but have ever read
  11. a book that intimidates you
  12. a book you have already read

So if you are brave enough join me on this challenge! Stay updated for the book that I am reading!

Otherwise, till next time —

20160217_220458 (1)Ps. The picture is of my faithful reading buddy, Mr. Darcy

Check out  the first book Completed for the reading challenge!


3 responses to “Reading Challenge!

  1. Good luck to you and Mr Darcy for this reading challenge! I decided not to take part in any challenge except for the GoodReads one this year because I felt it was too early for me but I will definitely participate next year 🙂

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